Association Server 3.0 and the Orchard CMS - the ultimate Enterprise Management System

The Ultimate Enterprise Management System for associations and regulatory bodies of all shapes and sizes.

  • Azure Load Balancing for screaming fast performance

    Just released: Load Balance performance options for Azure SQL Databases.

    When users perform a high-intensity queries or large reports – all active users of the system can be impacted. … more

  • Auto Tuning for Optimal Performance

    SQL Azure works constantly in the background monitoring usage and providing automatic tuning updates and recommendations to ensure your application performs optimally.

    Azure SQL Database … more

  • SmartLists now support direct downloading to Excel

    Because SmartLists can have hundreds of thousands of rows, it is not practical to view them in a grid. For this reason, we have updated the system to allow users to directly download all of the … more

  • Extended timeout values for Exports and Reports

    The traditional 30 second timeout has been established to ensure that long-running database scripts do not impact other users. Oasis is notified of long-running scripts and will contact you to … more

  • High performance for decades of historical data

    Typically, associations maintain decades of historical data. On top of that, our clients collect a lot of activity log data. A lot. Our clients also maintain a ton of transaction audit trails that … more

  • 2018 Software Services and SLAs

    Non-system releated issues are rarely high on the Severity list, but it is common for these types of issue to be very high on the client's priority list.

    Issue Severity vs. Issue Priority

    Not all … more

  • Service Requests: Severity vs. Priority

    Not all requirements are created equal. Some requirements are more central to the purpose of an application than others. For example, our company produces membership management systems. While it is … more