About Us

What do we do?

Using the SaaS model, we build and host fully managed web-based assets that deliver full service high-performance solutions to member-based organizations.

Additionally, and just as import to our firm, we expertly architect and build complex online workflows to automate constantly varied customer requirements. Customers come to Oasis because we endeavour to maintain and enrich each of their unique value propositions ensuring their long-term success and viability.

How do we do it?

As our SaaS based annual recurring revenue (ARR) reaches $1M, we are able to generously re-invest and constantly upgrade our hosting infrastructure and product integration services to help us achieve our long-term goal of providing our customers the best value and user experience possible.

Who are we?

We are a software firm specializing in building, optimizing, securing, and hosting e-commerce workflows for associations. We provide all the tools and expertise to allow your IT department to leverage the latest technologies and build the best experience possible. Whether your IT team is 10 strong supporting 100+ staff, or a single part-time volunteer.

Oasis Computing has been developing enterprise software solutions for the past 20 years for associations of all shapes and sizes. We are constantly adapting our software to better utilize the latest technologies available. All our applications are custom configured to meet the needs of each individual situation. If you need a solution that is not covered by our current module suite, please contact us with your needs and we will provide a custom solution for you.

After 20 years we remain self funded.

To Oasis, our business is not a numbers game. Our goal isn't to grow as fast as possible. Our goal is to keep our long-term clients as happy as possible, only adding new associations to the Oasis family when a good fit will benefit all. We don’t have shareholders or investors to impress, our only allegiance is to our employees, our clients, and the art of crafting the ultimate membership management platform.

Oasis Computing's lean and agile approach allows us to remain self funded, and therefore, focused on building the best possible solutions for the least amount of money.

For almost twenty years Oasis Computing, a relatively small Canadian based software firm, has been successfully competing in the same space as the large AMS firms boasting 200+ employees.

Our approach to steady, managed growth allows our team to maximize our clients' value while ensuring all of our clients enjoy significant, frequent improvements at no extra cost. Our latest version is the result of a 15-year prototype phase which included over 20 national associations as they navigated the transition from back-office systems to fully shared, open workflows with their online members.

How have we been so successful?

Back in the early 2000's this was a tough hill to climb since the cost of going to market was far more expensive than it is today. As a small firm of highly-motivated developers, Oasis has been able to speak directly to the specific needs of each new client we talked to, rather than take a generic approach to system building.

Being small also meant that we needed highly efficient architecture in order to rapidly build out new modules and host thousands of online transactions per minute.

Being small greatly eases the pressure to be everything to everyone, allows us to focus on successful partnerships and nurture long term relationships that allow our clients to save money, effort, and time year after year.

With the introduction of Association Server 3.0 and the advent of new advanced and accessible digital technologies, our ability to compete with the large players in our space has never been stronger. It is our intention to remain an intimate company focused on our clients' success. Our vision for growth emanates from our strong and solid HQ core, expanding our reach by providing global leadership as Association Server is re-branded by regional implementation specialists.

In 2012, Association Server 3.0 was launched - a completely revamped ASP.NET MVC application boasting 100% backwards compatibility for all of our hosted clients and leveraging the latest in Microsoft .NET web technologies and the Orchard community driven CMS.

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