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The Orchard CMS

"a free, open source, community-focused Content Management System built on the ASP.NET MVC platform"

After ten years of providing an embedded AMS-CMS platform, for Version 3.0 we successfully decoupled member website services from the AMS in favour of working with a community driven, open source CMS.

(Orchard vs Wordpress comparison)

With the introduction of robust, connected e-commerce “widgets”, our clients now enjoy a level of creative and functional freedom that is simply not possible with any other AMS solution or approach.

  • Built to run seamlessly in the powerful, secure, safe, always available Azure Cloud.

  • All content, shopping carts, e-commerce forms, and online directories are automatically optimized for all mobile devices.

  • Your staff have an instant 360° view of everything your members have ever done, or plan to do.

  • All assets are managed within a single searchable, branded content database, including e-commerce products and events.

  • Significantly reduced development costs and implementation timelines! All workflow business rules defined for your back-office are also automatically shared online, throughout the website and member experience.

For Version 3.0 of Association Server™, in order to leap-frog all of the competition we committed our efforts into finding an open-source Content Management System built on sound .NET development principles with a strong base of contributors - the new Orchard CMS fit the bill perfectly. This freedom allows associations to focus their valuable IT resources on front-facing services, while we focus on ensuring that the enterprise is solid by building robust highly-configured back-office solutions.

Currently, there are several widgets already available allowing our clients to build the most robust, interactive websites possible including:
  • Impersonate Member Login - allows staff to login as the member without having to know their passwords in order to see exactly how the online forms and content appear to the member.
  • Secured Content Widget - directly integrated with your database to allow quick and easy teasers to be protected by member's only logins.
  • Event List Widget - allows real-time synchronization with your database events and calendars.
  • Product List Widget - allows real-time synchronization with your database products and shopping carts.
  • Online Forms Widget - allows embedded Association Server e-commerce forms to be added to any page on your website.
  • My Binder Widget - allows members to manage and store their favourite articles and links.
  • Event Calendar Widget - allows associations to add dynamic event calendars on any page on their websites.


Version 3.0

Open source community based

Third party widgets and modules

Embedded online transaction forms

Smart CRM Widgets - Smart, Targeted Content

Member Login Impersonation

Real Time Dynamic Role Assignment

Responsive Design

Mobile Browser Views

Content versioning



Wysiwyg editor customization

Content retrieval APIs

Documentation and Training

Object level caching strategies

Content search plug-ins

Editor views

Admin views

Access control

Accordion style online forms

Rule based content layers

Flexible widget placement

Flexible widget placement

Full control over look and feel

Social Networking



RSS Feeds

Orchard CMS Mission:

"Orchard is a free, open source, community-focused Content Management System built on the ASP.NET MVC platform.

Orchard is built on a modern architecture that puts extensibility up-front, as its number one concern. All components in Orchard can be replaced or extended. Content is built from easily composable building blocks. Modules extend the system in a very decoupled fashion, where a commenting module for example can as easily apply to pages, blog posts, photos or products. A rich UI composition system completes the picture and ensures that you can get the exact presentation that you need for your content.

Orchard is delivered as part of the ASP.NET Open Source Gallery under the Outercurve Foundation. It is licensed under a New BSD license, which is approved by the OSI.

Our mission is to empower our users and foster a dedicated and diverse community that builds the CMS that we all want to use.

There are many ways you can contribute to Orchard: you can fix bugs, contribute modules and themes to our gallery, write documentation, translate Orchard, or answer questions on our forums and on Stack Overflow."

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