Product History

Associations are a lot of things to a lot of people.

What other type of organization is expected to provide dynamic online stores, provide complex event registrations, engage tens of thousands of customers on a regular basis, and continuously reach out to new customers and new markets on a shoe string budget? 

Associations, large and small need to operate as a Fortune 500 company (where 50,000 employees is the norm) just to stay relevant. That's why the association market is so exciting for us techies at Oasis Computing.

Associations are not Software firms.

We provide all the tools and expertise to allow your IT department, whether 10 strong or a single part-time volunteer, to leverage the latest technologies and build the best experience possible. Conversely, we at Oasis Computing won't provide you with advise or blogs on how to attract new members, but we can help guide you to the easiest and most affordable ways to achieve your goals using technology. 

  • All content, shopping carts, e-commerce forms, and online directories are automatically optimized for all mobile devices.

  • All assets are managed within a single searchable, branded content database, including e-commerce products and events.

  • Your staff have an instant 360° view of everything your members have ever done, seen, or plan to do.

  • All workflow business rules already defined within the back-office are automatically enforced throughout the website and user experience.

Feeling Trapped?

As an established AMS vendor, we are constantly receiving RFPs from associations that are tired of struggling, both financially and literally, with the clunky established AMS systems that don't live up to the hype. Unfortunately, a lot of these associations have a depleted budget and are not in a position to move on. They are forced to live with an ill fitting solution that hinders progress and discourages modifications.

Don’t fall into this trap (or get out while you can), and invest your valuable IT budget where it will pay dividends for years to come. Association Server's unique unified platform architecture is so efficient in it's design and execution, that Oasis Computing is able to pass on extensive configuration and hosting savings to all of our clients.

Web Application Pioneer

Mike Bishop, President & Chief Architect 

Mike Bishop founded Oasis Computing in 1991 to market and support a sophisticated Association Management System ( AMS) that was developed in the mid-80's and was based on the powerful IBM mini-computer platform. Mike understood that associations would soon have to embrace smaller, more agile platforms in order to keep up with the growing demands from their memberships.

A pioneer in making complex enterprise systems accessible, Mike’s innovations in the field of Association Management and Rapid Application Development (RAD) span three decades. During the 80's, he revolutionized system-building techniques for Unix, IBM, and Pick mini computers while working with system powerhouses Honeywell, General Electric, and Keydata. During the 90's, he continued to embrace new technologies while pioneering RAD techniques for building large scale Novell and Microsoft based solutions.

In 1992, Mike founded Oasis Computing Inc. and re-engineered his firm's IBM based Association Management System (AMS) into a multi-user PC-Network based solution which allowed multiple users to share a centralized membership database system using inexpensive (relatively) personal computers.

By 1998, Oasis's AMS solution was again re-engineered into a Windows based client-server solution and was implemented in large Canadian organizations including the Ontario Motor Vehicle Council and a major bank. In 2000, the client-server solution was completely re-written as the first 100% web-based AMS on the market - - which is now powering some the largest and high-profile associations across Canada.

By 2008, over 20 national and provincial associations had moved their entire enterprises into the hosted Association Server platform.

In 2012, Association Server 3.0 was launched - a completely revamped ASP.NET MVC application boasting 100% backwards compatibility for all of our hosted clients and leveraging the latest in Microsoft .NET web technologies and the Orchard community driven CMS.

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