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  • Activities Module upgraded to include Calendar

    The Activities module has been upgraded to support future tasks as part of your workflow. These future tasks have been integrated into the dashboard calendar to provide visual planning and … more

  • SmartList 3.0: Batch Profile Updates

    SmartList 3.0 has been upgraded to provide Batch Updates to up to six Profile Fields per run. This is very useful when managing groups of contact and prospects from one marketing level to another, for … more

  • Full control of GUI and Staff Access

    Below, please find the instructions on how to customize the entire look and feel of your GUI - for instance - do you refer to contacts as members or licensees? With one simple step you can modify your … more

  • New Context sensitive menus

    As you navigate through your database, you find that each element has it's own unique look and feel, as well as it's own set of menu options.

    One other modification that might be helpful for you to … more