Association Management System: AMS

Associations are a lot of things to a lot of people.

What other type of organization is expected to provide dyamic online stores, provide complex event registrations, engage tens of thousands of customers on a regular basis, and continuously reach out to new customers and new markets on a shoe string budget? 

Associations, large and small need to operate as a Fortune 500 company (where 50,000 employees is the norm) just to stay relevant.

We provide all the tools and expertise to allow your IT department, whether 10 strong or a single part-time volunteer, to leverage the latest technologies and build the best experience possible.

What is Association Management Software (AMS)?

Association management software, at it's best, is a suite of all the tools needed to allow an association and their members to flourish.

Typically, these tools include:

  • connected CMS for a dynamic website presence and smart, targeted content
  • ability to track members' interests and activity to provide a 360° view
  • support for all mobile devices
  • configurable workflows with custom fields and biz rules
  • data mining and list management services
  • event management system to support AGM's, conferences, and continued education
  • online store fronts with special pricing based on visitor demographics and status
  • learning management interface to incorporate state-of-the-art online training and certification
  • bulk email services and campaign management interface to dynamically manage marketing efforts
  • fully functional sandboxes and staging environments for all of the above

What is Great Association Management Software?

Great association management software includes all of the above tools, but sets itself apart through it's ability to maximize and enhance existing workflows to provide unparalleled efficiency. A great AMS will remove all functional boundaries to unleash the full power of the cloud and advanced web capabilities for any budget. As a great AMS, Association Server will constantly exceed the standards to provide our clients with these benefits and more:

  • ability to build and deploy advanced, mobile-ready e-commerce online forms with no coding experience
  • allow non-technical staff to build and deploy advanced reports and dashboard graphs
  • highly configurable while remaining on the upgrade path 
  • provide affordable, rapid implementation of custom modules
  • automatically share all back-office business rules with website workflows and transactions
  • custom fitted to only include relevant functionality for each department
  • easily interface with best-of-breed 3rd party services (lms, cms, email, webinars, etc)
  • allow total freedom in designing and building highly interactive, mobile, e-commerce enabled websites
  • all hosted transactions monitored to ensure performance, security, and integrity
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