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  • SmartList 3.0: Advanced Chart Designer

    The SmartList 3.0 module has been upgraded to include an advanced “Chart Designer” in addition to the “Report Designer”.

    Now any SmartList can be also be enhanced by any staff … more

  • SmartList 3.0: Custom plug-ins for custom modules

    Your SmartList service can easily be enhanced to provide user-friendly, complex searches and reporting for you custom-built modules. This new capability will greatly enhance the value, life-span and … more

  • Smart Content: Ultimate Website Presonalization

    Your visitors aren’t one-size-fits-all. Your website shouldn’t be either. Our CMS SmartrtList-aware CRM Widgets enable you to personalize your website content, forms and buttons to the … more

  • SmartList 3.0: Discounts and Promo Codes

    Your website can now harness the power of SmartLists to provide specific, highly-targeted segments of your membership with time-sensitive discounts and promotions.

    Any available discounts will be … more

  • SmartList 3.0: Conditional Fields for Export

    Smartlist now automatically includes new columns that are specific to the conditions.

    For instance, a smartlist searching on product purchases will now include specific product fields … more

  • SmartList 3.0: Batch Profile Updates

    SmartList 3.0 has been upgraded to provide Batch Updates to up to six Profile Fields per run. This is very useful when managing groups of contact and prospects from one marketing level to another, for … more

  • Revamped Smartlist And / Or conditions

    The new Version 3.0 Smartlist Engine should be ready for your review in stage next week, the end of the month at the latest.

    It is much easier to use, with the main functional difference is that … more