How to measure your Member Engagement using your AMS/CRM?

Target members who are engaged as well as those that are not. How engaged are they? What are they most interested in? What is their involvement with the organisation overall

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Member engagement is the continuing interaction between a member and an organisation. It can be defined as “The continual building of relationships with your members, adding value to them and capturing their attention to remind them of the role the association plays. Therefore, ensuring their membership to the association is never in doubt and they can see the full benefit for their membership fee”

Member engagement is something many organisations strive to achieve, but can find quite difficult to measure and define if they don’t have the correct software tools to assist them. A key component mentioned in the definition is that in order to achieve meaningful engagement, interaction must be continual and have personal relevance to the member.

To start your journey to greater member retention, loyalty and (ultimately) growth, you must first focus efforts on keeping members happy and you do that by boosting your member engagement. The more engaged members are the more loyal they become, and the more loyal members are, the longer they’ll stay.

Once you have set the criteria for each of your member engagement you need to act on the member engagement score :

How will you keep those with a high member engagement score engaged? How will you encourage those will a low member engagement score to become more engaged? This is where an Association Management Solution such as the Eudonet AMS can help.

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